Vintage Damascus Steel Lockback

Damascus Lockback Knife

This well made vintage knife has an awesome pattern in the steel, unlike many contemporary knives I’ve seen. It is wearing a fresh edge, sharpened at about 22° to match the original bevels. It also has some wonderful file work on the spine.

A Great Sharpening Tool

This is one of the handiest things I’ve gotten in a while! I bought the Smith’s Retractable Sharpening Rod to take on vacation last year but didn’t really use it. Since then, back at home, I’ve found a couple of great uses for it though.

First, it’s great for fixing any small chips you may get in a blade; I dropped and chipped the tip off of a pocket knife and this little gem made the fix easy and quick.

Secondly, on the tips or far back edges of the blade, especially thin blades, that are tough to get sharpened sometimes this thing is a dandy! I couldn’t get the tip of the coping blade on my Seahorse so I used this on the tip.

Small enough to take along in your pocket, this tool can work for repairs and regular sharpening on the go or just at home. It’s a great item to add to your sharpening arsenal!

Smith’s Diamond Rod