Vintage Damascus Steel Lockback

Damascus Lockback Knife

This well made vintage knife has an awesome pattern in the steel, unlike many contemporary knives I’ve seen. It is wearing a fresh edge, sharpened at about 22° to match the original bevels. It also has some wonderful file work on the spine.

Busy Times

Things have been super busy here at Papaw’s! We have had some minor and major events happen (all good) in the last week or so. For instance, I became a Papaw for the second time on July 14, 2016; my second grandson, Elias Wolf Owsley (those that know me know that “Wolf” is/has always been my nickname – yes, my head is swollen two sizes larger! LOL), came into this world healthy and happy, weighing 9 pounds and 2 ounces at 22″ long. My oldest grandson lost his first tooth the other day, a minor-in-comparison event but pretty major to him and me, the family-tooth-puller.Big Wolf and Little Wolf

Needless to say, not a lot of work has been getting done with all the excitement and the occasional road trip or other adventure. And to be honest, I am so exhausted I can’t say for sure when any will get done! But I have a few projects underway and almost ready to post so hopefully it won’t be too long. As you may know about me, God comes first then family a close second, everything else can be pushed off if needed.
With that I wish you all a very blessed weekend!