Contemplation in Smoke Rings

I suspect that all pipe men (and women) share in this activity: contemplating and/or remembering whilst enjoying a bowl of their favorite blend. I know that some of my biggest “aha” moments, sweetest times, and greatest reflections have occurred with my pipe and tobacco. 

The genteel art of the pipe, with its techniques and routines, brings out the calmest and most reflective parts of our souls. The tamping of the tobacco, the rhythm and cadence of enjoying said tobacco, all allow for the perfect time of shutting out the noise of the world and open our minds to things we otherwise can’t hear. 

Some of us prefer to enjoy our time with a book, music, movie, television, or other activities. Myself, I get the best smoke – and clearest moments – when I am alone with my pipe, tobacco, and God’s creation. No devices, only the sounds of nature “playing” gently in the background. 

As we approach spring I’m eager to enjoy my first “pipe time” of 2017. And I hope that each of you are, too, no matter what your perfect time looks like. 

Blessings, Greg

Peterson Kildare Marathon Restoration

I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought I’d share this one from today.


This year has been a roller coaster ride for me; between added responsibilities of watching our new grandson, health issues, and a flair up of my spinal stenosis that put me down for almost two months, I have been unable to do any of my hobbies. Unfortunately this has put a couple of friends that I have pipes to work on in a state of limbo waiting on me. They are not easy clean-ups and they knew going in I am slow – but still I feel badly about it.

This Peterson Kildare 106 billiard had been in my possession for ages it seems to me at least. I have worked on it off and on, loosing track if my progress (and many of my notes and photos) of the process. It went out in the mail today I am happy to say (and the owner is probably happier to…

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What to do with a cracked bowl – Options for their repair

This is a great, comprehensive article on repairing cracked bowls. I know from experience that it is definitely doable and works very well to save an old pipe from the trash bin. Great job putting this together, Steve!


Blog by Steve Laug

Often a pipe crosses my work table that has a dual attraction – it had obviously been someone’s favourite pipe or it was one that belonged to a loved one and it was severely damaged with a cracked bowl that provides a challenge. No one wants to throw away a pipe that is part of a family history and has deep personal stories attached. The cracked bowl can make that appear to be the only choice. However, it is not the only choice as there are other options. Each of these options has been used repeatedly by me or by one of the other writers on rebornpipes. They do work well and provide more years of service from a cracked pipe.

Method #1 The bowl can be shortened if the cracked portion is high enough on the bowl.

Method #2 A cracked bowl can be shortened…

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Refurbish and Re-dye of a Kaywoodie 07 Fine Line

As Trou mentions, the Fine Line isn’t a real popular line; I don’t own a single one. But after seeing his changed-up 07 I might reconsider that.

Baccy Pipes

I picked up this Fine Line in a three pipe lot some time ago. It has been waiting  patiently for some attention in my box of projects. It is not a very pretty pipe but i figured maybe i could help it out well enough to make it a beater/work pipe to use regularly with my favorite old codger burley blends.

100_0313 (640x480).jpg100_0314 (640x480).jpg100_0315 (640x480).jpg100_0318 (640x480).jpg

I had about forgot about the pipe. I was looking for another 07  Kaywoodie  to give my Super Grain 07 some rest time. I really like the size, shape and weight of the 07 and smoke my Super Grain very often. In fact too often. Scanning Ebay  for another it dawned on me about the Fine Line 07. So i dug out the old pipe and got to work on it.

The heavy cake came out easy with my dull pocket knife i use for pipe cake and some heavy…

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Linkman /Edgeworth “Signature” Coupon Pipe

Troy is another friend and fellow pipe restorer. He and I have at least a few things in common including a love of good burley blends and old American-made factory pipes; I suspect we have more than a few other common interests as well. I thought this wonderful old “coupon pipe” was something others would be interested in too, especially with the history Troy added.

Baccy Pipes

I have always been fascinated with the old coupon pipes and proudly own several now.

The “Signature’  pipes were  manufactured by Linkman for the Larus &Brothers Co. out of Richmond Virginia. Manufactures of the original Edgeworth Ready Rubbed . Basically you sent in a  a form with whatever you wanted stamped on the stem in gold , filled in on a box in the form along with a few dollars . You got a pipe, pouch or tin of  Edgeworth Ready Rubbed and a booklet on how to care for your pipe.

Forms could be had from various places. This is one from the  back of a printed shape chart.Edgeworth+Linkman+Signature+pipe.jpg

The most common i think was the one from the the Edgeworth tubs. This is one from one of my  1940’s original tubs that i have.3.jpg4.jpg

The earliest i can find any mention of the “Siganture” is this 1938 ad…

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Splicing a Broken Shank on a 1960’s Era Brigham 384 Bent Brandy

Charles is a friend and fellow pipe restorer. He does some great and pretty unique repairs in my opinion. Here’s one I thought you might enjoy.


Just about the worst thing that can happen to a pipe smoker is damage to a favourite pipe. We wince at the smallest handling marks, dread rim dents and try our darnedest to keep our Vulcanite stems from oxidizing. So I can understand a panic reaction when something really dreadful happens to a favourite pipe. Take this 1960’s-era Brigham 384 Bent Brandy, for example, which had evidently been repaired in a hurry, probably by the same piper that witnessed the beheading of this pipe when the shank snapped off the bowl. Unfortunately, the piper’s initial, and likely quite panicked, response led to further complications.

The pipe was sent to me by a DadsPipes reader from New York State in the hopes that it could be made usable again. He had purchased as an estate pipe, but could not separate stem from stummel to give the pipe a proper cleaning. I…

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Busy Times

Things have been super busy here at Papaw’s! We have had some minor and major events happen (all good) in the last week or so. For instance, I became a Papaw for the second time on July 14, 2016; my second grandson, Elias Wolf Owsley (those that know me know that “Wolf” is/has always been my nickname – yes, my head is swollen two sizes larger! LOL), came into this world healthy and happy, weighing 9 pounds and 2 ounces at 22″ long. My oldest grandson lost his first tooth the other day, a minor-in-comparison event but pretty major to him and me, the family-tooth-puller.Big Wolf and Little Wolf

Needless to say, not a lot of work has been getting done with all the excitement and the occasional road trip or other adventure. And to be honest, I am so exhausted I can’t say for sure when any will get done! But I have a few projects underway and almost ready to post so hopefully it won’t be too long. As you may know about me, God comes first then family a close second, everything else can be pushed off if needed.
With that I wish you all a very blessed weekend!