I love old things: the charm, history, quality, and character of these items almost enchants me. And I really love old things that are still usable! A few years ago I began to delve into the world of estate pipes and found a couple of things:

  • Most estate pipe sellers have no clue what a restored pipe actually is or how to do it
  • A beat up, nasty old pipe often has a lot of history and quality with/in it
  • Bringing these often abused pieces of history really intrigued me

So I set out to learn as much as I could about how to properly restore an estate pipe. I wanted to learn the basics and much more; I wanted to improve on ideas that were out there and become the best pipe restoration-man I could be. I began my study by devouring all the content I could from the premier site for pipe restoration and repair Reborn Pipes, and eventually becoming a contributor myself.

As my skills grew so, too, did my collection of old, beat up pipes. Over the past few years I’ve sold and traded dozens of pipes – and still I have an enormous number a lot of pipes I need to get to; some need minor cleaning and cosmetic-stuff, while others need major restoration work. I figured it was about time that I began to try to focus on getting these wonderful old briars back to usable condition and this would be a great outlet to share some of my work, ideas, and maybe sell a few pipes, too.

Some of my items will be on a page here; I’ve yet to build that. Others will be in my Etsy shop; take a look and give me a holler if anything interests you.