Contemplation in Smoke Rings

I suspect that all pipe men (and women) share in this activity: contemplating and/or remembering whilst enjoying a bowl of their favorite blend. I know that some of my biggest “aha” moments, sweetest times, and greatest reflections have occurred with my pipe and tobacco. 

The genteel art of the pipe, with its techniques and routines, brings out the calmest and most reflective parts of our souls. The tamping of the tobacco, the rhythm and cadence of enjoying said tobacco, all allow for the perfect time of shutting out the noise of the world and open our minds to things we otherwise can’t hear. 

Some of us prefer to enjoy our time with a book, music, movie, television, or other activities. Myself, I get the best smoke – and clearest moments – when I am alone with my pipe, tobacco, and God’s creation. No devices, only the sounds of nature “playing” gently in the background. 

As we approach spring I’m eager to enjoy my first “pipe time” of 2017. And I hope that each of you are, too, no matter what your perfect time looks like. 

Blessings, Greg

Author: Greg

I am medically retired from my 'career', have been since 1999. For quite some time I missed my old job a lot. I enjoyed it, I was good at it and didn't have any desire to do anything else. But the Lord had other plans for me. Now He has called me to work for Him. He has graciously given me some talent to work with words. He has also seen fit to guide me with the Holy Spirit to study and comprehend His Word. Don't misunderstand; I am no scholar nor a pastor. I'm just trying to be obedient to my Lord and Savior and do what He asks me, in a way that would please and bring glory to His holy Name.

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