Refurbish and Re-dye of a Kaywoodie 07 Fine Line

As Trou mentions, the Fine Line isn’t a real popular line; I don’t own a single one. But after seeing his changed-up 07 I might reconsider that.

Baccy Pipes

I picked up this Fine Line in a three pipe lot some time ago. It has been waiting  patiently for some attention in my box of projects. It is not a very pretty pipe but i figured maybe i could help it out well enough to make it a beater/work pipe to use regularly with my favorite old codger burley blends.

100_0313 (640x480).jpg100_0314 (640x480).jpg100_0315 (640x480).jpg100_0318 (640x480).jpg

I had about forgot about the pipe. I was looking for another 07  Kaywoodie  to give my Super Grain 07 some rest time. I really like the size, shape and weight of the 07 and smoke my Super Grain very often. In fact too often. Scanning Ebay  for another it dawned on me about the Fine Line 07. So i dug out the old pipe and got to work on it.

The heavy cake came out easy with my dull pocket knife i use for pipe cake and some heavy…

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Author: Greg

I am medically retired from my 'career', have been since 1999. For quite some time I missed my old job a lot. I enjoyed it, I was good at it and didn't have any desire to do anything else. But the Lord had other plans for me. Now He has called me to work for Him. He has graciously given me some talent to work with words. He has also seen fit to guide me with the Holy Spirit to study and comprehend His Word. Don't misunderstand; I am no scholar nor a pastor. I'm just trying to be obedient to my Lord and Savior and do what He asks me, in a way that would please and bring glory to His holy Name.

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