Linkman /Edgeworth “Signature” Coupon Pipe

Troy is another friend and fellow pipe restorer. He and I have at least a few things in common including a love of good burley blends and old American-made factory pipes; I suspect we have more than a few other common interests as well. I thought this wonderful old “coupon pipe” was something others would be interested in too, especially with the history Troy added.

Baccy Pipes

I have always been fascinated with the old coupon pipes and proudly own several now.

The “Signature’  pipes were  manufactured by Linkman for the Larus &Brothers Co. out of Richmond Virginia. Manufactures of the original Edgeworth Ready Rubbed . Basically you sent in a  a form with whatever you wanted stamped on the stem in gold , filled in on a box in the form along with a few dollars . You got a pipe, pouch or tin of  Edgeworth Ready Rubbed and a booklet on how to care for your pipe.

Forms could be had from various places. This is one from the  back of a printed shape chart.Edgeworth+Linkman+Signature+pipe.jpg

The most common i think was the one from the the Edgeworth tubs. This is one from one of my  1940’s original tubs that i have.3.jpg4.jpg

The earliest i can find any mention of the “Siganture” is this 1938 ad…

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